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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Club Purr mix kitties from different families together?

No, Absolutely never.

Do you ever let the kitties out in the Common Areas?

Yes and No. We do our very best to accommodate the needs for every kitty with respect to the owners wishes. On occasion we find that some kitties prefer to stay in their chosen room and do not pressure them into something they are not comfortable with. If your kitty is one who enjoys the common area we try to split the times so all kitties get a favorable amount of free time.

What length of time do you board a kitty?

Well, it varies with each individual kitty as far as age and temperament, but about 4 months is the maximum we would recommend.

Does Club Purr provide the food?

We highly recommend you bring your kitties food especially since kitties are sometimes slow to eat normally in a new situation, so the last thing  we want to do is change the diet they are accustomed to. Some owners even bring human treats such as shrimp, deli turkey, ham, etc. and that is fine to. Don’t worry if you forget the food we usually have dry kitty food on hand,  but there will be a $3 charge per day.

Can I bring my kitties possessions?

Sure, Most of the rooms we offer are spacious enough for large items from home, and we feel that the more possessions your kitty has the easier it is for them to feel right at home. Please, no food dishes though. The reason is we closely monitor your kitties intake (and output), and with self-feeders that is a little difficult.

My kitty loves a fresh litter box. How often do you scoop?

Always at least twice a day, More as needed. Older kitties and diabetic kitties need it more often.

Can I bring my kitty’s litterbox?

Sure, as long as you use the clumping litter or litter pearls and not the odor absorbing non clumping clay. Don't forget a little extra to freshen up your kitties box. We also offer a one-time per visit discount of $5 on stays of  5 days or longer.

What shots do you require?

We have discussed the issue of feline vaccinations with numerous veterinarians, and we have found that there is a great deal of controversy and not much consensus. We have decided to take a conservative position on the subject. We therefore would like written proof or a call from your vet concerning the following: Rabies (1 or 3 yr), FVRCP vaccine every two years minimum, and that your cat have a FeLV (Leukemia) shot every year. We will waive this for an inside only cat whose family and vet do not wish him or her to have this vaccine. Generally, we will follow the wishes of your vet concerning the shots your cat needs. Some vets are now of the opinion that their older cat clients, having built up sufficient antibodies from 10 or more years of shots, no longer need annual vaccinations at all. Some others questions the need for Rabies vaccinations for indoor only cats, despite state law. For boarding purposes we feel that the FVRCP vaccination—also called the booster, distemper, 3in1, or combo shot is the most useful since it gives protections against cold viruses and distemper. We will defer to your vet’s instructions for your cat or cats.

If you do not find an answer to your question here please email your question to us and we will post it as soon as possible. Thank You!


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