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Photo Courtesy of Silvermine Kennel - Golden Retriever 'Seawind'

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Weight: Males: 65-75lbs. Females: 55-65lbs.

Overview: The Golden Retriever is a beautiful, large energetic dog. It is a very common family dog as it is very tolerant, easy to handle and normally happy and friendly. A Golden Retriever thrives on attention, needs regular exercise, and must be regularly groomed to help reduce the amount of overall shedding and to prevent matting.

Coat: The Golden Retriever's coat is made up of two layers The outer coat is firm, weather and water resistant. The under coat is dense and soft. A Golden has a tendency to shed, but with a weekly grooming schedule it could be controlled.

Character: The Golden Retriever has a sweet, eager to please disposition, are known to be highly intelligent and truly devoted to their family. They do tend to be a little mischievous if left alone for extended periods of time.

Activity: Regular exercise is recommended. They love to take walks and enjoy retrieving balls.

Training: Considered one of the easiest breeds to train.

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Golden Retriever - KentuckySilvermine Kennel - Mike Denny - Website - Email

Location: Greensburg, Kentucky 42743  -   Phone: (270) 932-6185

                        Affiliations: AKC - OFA            Shipping Available - Yes

Silvermine Kennel Specializes In Breeding Champion Quality English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies On Our Beautiful Silvermine Ranch Situated In The Cavelands Of Middle Kentucky. As Breeders Our Main Goal Is To Achieve By Selective Breeding, Golden Retrievers That Possess The Soundness, Natural Ability And Personality That Is Reflected In The Breed Standard And To Do All That Is Possible To Achieve And Promote These Qualities. Our Breeding Stock Comes From The Champions Of The World Including: Romania, Spain, Hungary, Scandinavia, The Netherlands. Poland, England, France, & Russia. We Are Producing Platinum Blonde, Ultra Light, & English Cream Puppies As Well As English/American Mixes For The Best Conformation And Temperament. Silvermine Puppies Are AKC Registered, Vet Inspected And Monitored, Dewormed, Vaccinated, Well Socialized And Loved. Two Year Guarantee With Contract. Unlimited Registration Available. We Ship Worldwide.

Golden Meadows - Tim Hoke - Website - Email Breeder

Location: Somis, California 93066      Phone: (805) 523-2216

Affiliations: AKC - GRCA - Golden Retriever Klubben

English Cream, Light Golden & Golden pups available. We have top quality Goldens, we breed for health, temperament & conformation. We show AKC & IABCA conformation. 2 year health guarantee on all of our pups.

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