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Location: Ontario, Canada KOE 1YO  -   Phone: (613) 275-2907 - (613) 275-4127

Affiliations: Canadian Kennel Club - Thousand Island Kennel Club            Shipping Available - Yes

We believe in breeding not only good looking dogs but also healthy ones. To that end we CERF, Optigen, Ohip and thyroid test all our dogs. We also feed a RAW diet which we feel greatly contributes to the health and longevity of our dogs. Together with a limited vaccine schedule and annual titer testing we feel we are doing our best to provide the highest quality of life for our companions.

We take breeding very seriously and carefully match potential new owners according to life style and personality. We feel totally responsible for these little lives and unless we feel they are going to the best forever homes we can provide, they stay with us - sometimes forever.

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