"The purity of a person's heart can be quickly measured by how they regard animals" ~ Anonymous

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Thank you for visiting clubpurr.com. All information supplied on this website is submitted and accessed via advertisers and web site visitors. We at clubpurr.com do not personally endorse any listing or guarantee any pet breeder or ads listed on this website. Please research your breeders/advertisers to fullest extent possible, by asking lots of questions, requesting references and requiring written proof of all transactions. We at clubpurr.com reserve the right to change all content submitted to adhere to our site and also have a right to reject ads that we feel are unhealthy to the nature of our intentions. Any and all questions should be addressed before submitting content via email to michele@clubpurr.com

Ads placed on clubpurr.com are listed in order according to the following:

Ads are placed in the order they are received and than placed in this order: 1.) Paid Photo Ads with links to Our Website, 2.) Paid Photo Ads, 3.) Free Listings with links to Our Website and Lastly 4.) Free Listings.  Only when your link to our site is inserted correctly does it qualify. (No link will be placed to the advertisers website unless 1 - you have correctly placed a link to our website or 2 - you have paid for a photo ad.) (It must be one of the supplied links or one approved by clubpurr.com with a direct link to our site). We routinely check the links and if they are found to be broken for a period of 7 days or more; you will lose your position. The Free Listing will not contain any photos, telephone numbers, links to your website or any text description.

Website Construction - All websites constructed through Club Purr, LLC are owned and operated by Club Purr, LLC - all photos and content submitted to Club Purr, LLC have to be the customers original photos, artwork and content and become the property of Club Purr, LLC - personal domains purchased on behalf of the customer are also property of Club Purr, LLC - For any reason if you'd like to transfer your domain and maintain your individual site that can be done for a purchase price of $200.00. All websites constructed at the basic rate will include up to 5 pages of content with up to 25 photos and would be able to handle up to 10 monthly changes (taking no more than an hour) if so needed.

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URL: www.clubpurr.com

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Our web server automatically recognizes each and every visitor to our website regarding the visitors domain and other web traffic data. Information collected from these reports is used to improve content and organization of our site. To help prevent Spam everyone listing an email address on www.clubpurr.com and anyone accessing an email address link; your email and initial communication may be accessed by the staff of Club Purr, LLC. Club Purr, LLC receives a copy of every email processed on www.clubpurr.com. No email address collected will be sold or used for any purpose other than use within the Club Purr, LLC Network.

Any and all changes to our privacy policy will be updated on this policy statement.

If a problem should arise through the use of this website, please contact us at michele@clubpurr.com, and we will do our best to help 
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