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Majorus Cattery - Marvie & Joe Russell - Website - Email Breeder

Location: Mahopac, New York 10541  -   Phone: (845) 621-5320

Affiliations: TICA - Westchester Feline Club            Shipping Available - Yes

We have been breeding and showing cats for 17 years. Kittens sold around 12 weeks of age after they are well socialized and have had their vaccinations. Sold with a health guarantee & a spay/neuter contract. All colors may be available including the beautiful Silver colors.

Abyroad - Sheila Dentico - Website - Email Breeder

Location: Garnerville, New York 10923  -   Phone: (845) 429-9553

Affiliations: TICA - CFA - Westchester Feline Club - Shipping Available

Abyssinians in Ruddy, Cinnamon/Red, Blue, Fawn and Silver since 1984. Somalis mainly in Silver since 1994. Raised at home, underfoot and in our laps, with love and the best of care.

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