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Location: Sullivan, Ohio  44880      Phone: (419) 736-3194 - (216) 798-1952


Being raised with Toy Fox Terriers, I have a deep love for the breed. After getting married in the early 70ís, my husband and myself decided to carry on the tradition of breeding Toy Fox Terriers. Getting real heavy into the show ring in the 90ís, my health gave way, and I had to stop showing. However, I didnít give up the sport of breeding these little toy dogs at all. If you are looking for a companion pet then the Toy Fox Terrier is for you. The Toy Fox Terriers are big attitudes, in a small package. They are fearless, and will back even a large breed into a corner. They just donít realize how small they really are. These toy dogs are very versatile and will adjust to just about any type of lifestyle, whether it be apartment living, or on a farm, they love it all. The Toy Fox Terrier will give you 110 % back what you put into them, and needless to say they are very smart little dogs.

Looking qualified homes for retired adults.

Experienced owners with Grand Champion & Champion bloodlines.

Bred for good health, conformation & good temperament, and guaranteed against congenital health problems.

We encourage and welcome visitors to our home anytime.

Puppies usually available.

Accommodating tri-color, tan and white, & chocolate's Show and pet quality.

Call or email for availability.


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